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Types of Cables for Industrial Applications

There are no applications of cables that are similar in industrial settings. Every cable installation has different requirements. Below are some types of cables used for various applications:

Courtesy: dfliq.

1. Cables with PVC sheath:

These types of cables are specifically designed for moderate mechanical stress. These cables are often used in food industries. The main benefit of PVC cables is that they provide enhanced resistance towards various chemical agents.

2. Cables with PUR sheath:

The main advantage of these cables is their long-term flexibility which is needed for constant use. They also offer good resistance to most chemical agents and oils and they have high mechanical strength which makes them useful for different kind of industries. Another benefit of these cables is that they can easily survive daily wear and tear of most applications in industries.

3. Cables with PUR U sheath:

These types of cables are designed for harsh conditions and are often transported by cable drum roller stands as these are heavy. These cables are resistant to chemicals and oils. Apart from that they also have increased mechanical strength and are also flame resistant.

4. Cable with PUR A sheath:

These types of cables are considered perfect for the automotive industry. This is because they have increased mechanical strength and are resistant to chemicals. Apart from that these are also resistant to welding sparks and are non-flammable. Another benefit of this type of cable is that it can easily be recycled.

These are some of the cables that are used in the industries for different purposes.