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Who does today not have in its cabinet a dozen of bad tees with a business name printed on it? From College, Mom and Pop store to top 500 business, advert tees have turned into such a standard that it’s practically become an obligation for any company to give away tees with their brand printed on it for their clients

.A firm based in New York with manufacturing facilities in China has found that a radical new approach to providing a tremendous boost to published advertisements on garments with electro-luminescent technologies, dispersing its light up tops also called EL tops to a broad selection of industries.

Just imagine a neat Neon Sign, such as those in Las Vegas, reduced, flattened out and patched directly on just about any garment. A normal Tee has now become a wearable Luminous Animation. Not only that but it comes with mind-blowing features, like being sound sensitive using a symbol on the front top light up with the sound of your voice or with the beat of the music. Finding the best t-shirts that are fantastic for your culture is a time-consuming procedure which demands a whole lot of attention and proper preparation.

Due to these luminous features, those Light up Shirts is demonstrating that they can increase from the 1000′ fold the viewer and passerby focus, which makes them the ideal way to promote a new. A major corporation is currently turning their attention to this very promising marketing medium.

Warner Bross is the most current in a row to begin advertising their merchandise on Light up Shirts, among dozens of others brands varying from FM Radio channel to Hokey Team. That is what Light up Shirt is all about, and this technology is going to provide a fairly major revival to the standard garment printing industry.