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The beautiful corals of Pescador Island in Cebu

The province of Cebu has always been one of the top tourist spots in the country and comparable even to the world. Being the center of trade in the Philippines, it became a strategic place for foreign tourists and non-locals of the province to take a visit and spend their vacation in the place. With the province neighboring island, it works as an add-on as well to Cebu’s tourist spots and places to stay. The place has more than to showcase and has always amazed a lot of visitors in the area.

The Queen city of the South or Cebu is surrounded with islands perfect for water adventurers that wanted to move from island to island. There may be a lot of them surrounding Cebu but Pescador Island is one of the best islands there. Cebu is also known to have the most diverse marine life there is whit fish sanctuaries located all over the island. Such tour is perfect to underwater adventurers like individuals who loves scuba diving as well or even free divers. Snorkeling is another fun activity if they are within close to a fish sanctuary. Locals safe keeping the area are always available to meet their guest’s need and to ensure their safety as well.