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Reasons For Visiting The Sandakan Central Market

Courtesy: 1.bp.blogspot

For someone planning a trip this summer, Sandakan is a great place to go to. There are a number of amazing places one can visit, especially the Sandakan Central market being a must go-to-spot. Here is a list of reasons, mentioned below, for visiting the Sandakan Central market.

1. An opportunity to learn more about Sandakan

If you want a more realistic and close view of the Sandakan lifestyle, visiting their market is a good idea. You will get a chance to interact with Sandakan people, learn about their culture, and what they eat and wear. Furthermore, you can even get a Sandakan souvenir from the colorful stalls in the market for your friends or family back home.

2. You can find everything

You essentially would have to visit the market if you are planning to stay at Sandakan for some time. It is the most convenient place to get everything at once. You can find green vegetables and fresh fruit. Most importantly seafood ranging from fishes, rays, prawns, carbs, squids and even sharks can be found in abundance in the Sandakan Central Market. The fish market is located at the end of the Sandakan Central market. The stalls generally open around 3am and there is a lot of crowd in the morning.

3. It is a heaven for foodies.

The third floor of the Sandakan Central market is occupied by Chinese food stalls; you can find around thirty of them, all almost identical to each another. They sell delicious food items one must definitely try out if visiting Sandakan. One of the most famous stall also sells homemade Kueh Teow with deep fried pork.

Therefore, definitely visit the Sandakan Central market on your Sandakan hotspot tours.