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The Myths About Metal Roofing

While a lot of people have made the decision to install metal roofing, many others are afraid of taking such a drastic step regarding their home. The fact is, they believe in many of the stories that go on about them. Fortunately, most of what you may hear about metal roofs are simply myths. You can also navigate to  to get more info on metal roofing.

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One of the main concerns for many people about metal roofing is that they are more apt to be struck by lightning. Thankfully, this is one of those myths. Lightning will usually strike the highest point in the area. If your rooftop is the highest point, you can simply install some lightning rods to deflect any damage.

Another thing you may hear is that this type of roof is very noisy in a storm. Extensive testing has been conducted to determine whether rain falling on a roof made of metal is much louder than one of the other types of material. What they found is that it isn’t any noisier than roofs that used other materials, such as asphalt and clay shingles.

Many individuals are also concerned about their home becoming too hot in the summer because of the metal on the roof. Sun rays are, in fact, deflected off the metal.

What this means is actually the opposite of what most people would think. Instead of becoming too hot, your home will actually remain cooler as the heat is deflecting off the roof, instead of penetrating it.