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Items You Need When Setting Up Your Survival Bunker

The danger of tornadoes is a fairly serious issue for people living in specific regions of the U.S. So what exactly do you have to keep your family safe in the case of an emergency? A survival bunker may mean the difference between death and life.

Here is what you need to have in your storm shelter. Get Closet Storm Shelters with BBB Accredited at Texas Storm Shelter.


You won't endure long subterranean without oxygen. Installing a trusted air ventilation system on your bunker should be your first priority. You are going to require a system which will last for weeks and have the ability to withstand a storm.


Water is more crucial for survival in relation to food. Carrying your bunker with water is a place when lots of men and women appear short. There is no telling just how long you may be stuck on your bunker so that it's important to get a sizable cache of water.


Perishable products don't have any place at a survival bunker. Rather, stock your shelves with canned foods such as fruits and veggies together with long-term snacks such as MREs. Peanut butter, crackers, and canned tuna have long shelf lives.


Down in a storm shield accidents can occur so that you'll want to be ready –little cuts may get infected and there will not be a doctor about to assist you to cure it. Gather the first-aid gear to maintain down on your vine which includes hurt relievers, antibiotics, disinfectants and a good deal of bandages.


It isn't warm underground. You will have to stock a few additional clothing to assist you through the cool nights unless you've got a bunker constructed with a few insulations.