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Innovative Solutions to Textile Industry

The increasing development of the textile industries has witnessed a phenomenal rise in modern equipment’s. Technology has played a key role in offering updated and innovative machinery to combat the growing demands of the industry based on increased consumption scenario.

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Also known as a winder, the mechanism pools all forms of threads, tapes, ribbons, and other related materials onto a roll, bobbin, spool, coil or reel.

Spiral winding machine – The spiral winders are programmable equipment’s that offer customized and user-centric development and creative solutions for all winding wants. It is a continuous winder tool for furthering the industrial revolution in terms of modernization and implementation.

Composite materials manufacture could do with highly technical instruments that provide first-class produce with minimal time and a cost-effective approach. The wire drawing mechanism is of superior make and durability.

R-core winding machine – The R-core concept decides the space involved in the winding process, accurately and specifically. The dimensional knowledge necessary for machine-running is taken care of by the R-core transformer that incorporates high-performance situations in limited cost factors.

The machine manifests its know-how through well-regulated techniques with a high-reliability tag attached to the system.

Resistor winding machine – The resistor winders contribute widely in the industry-related products and implementations. The wide array comprises of services encompassing major industries to the simple home appliance usage. The resistance wire is wound in strands or earthenware centerpieces, leveled strips or fiber-glass cables.