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Essure Birth Control’s Benefits, Risks, And Your Rights

Essure is a nonsurgical kind of birth control comprising two polyethylene fiber, stainless steel, and nickel ceramic coils that are placed in the fallopian tubes. Essure is only available via prescription medication, and can be inserted vaginally at your physician’s office.

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After positioning, the body responds to the metallic coils by causing scar tissue to form, and prevent the fallopian tubes. You can contact us for a free no-obligation essure complications lawsuit through

The Essure birth control apparatus is produced by Bayer, which markets it as the sole permanent birth control alternative that’s U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted, non-hormonal, also may be inserted into a physician’s office without anesthesia.

Benefits of Essure

The promoted benefits of Essure make it a really tempting alternative for girls searching for permanent birth control. Think about the following promoted benefits:

When correctly positioned, Essure is reported to be 99.83 percent successful in preventing pregnancy.

  • Essure is totally non-hormonal.
  • Essure has been FDA approved and has been available for ten decades.
  • Most insurance businesses cover Essure.
  • There’s little if any downtime following the procedure.

Dangers of Essure

Although it’s heralded as one of the “best” and “best” methods of birth control, Essure isn’t without dangers. Bayer and Essure warn of these complications or risks with Essure usage:

Throughout Insertion:

  • Moderate or moderate discomfort
  • Unusual cases of breaking up of the device, leaving foreign objects in the human body
  • Unusual Instances of this apparatus puncturing the fallopian tube, requiring operation
  • Absorption of Considerable Amounts of salt water solution to your system
  • Complications connected with local anesthesia, even if advocated for the process.