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Different Ways Of Using Cable Ties


Cable ties are made up of different materials and each type has different qualities. Some of them can survive in extreme temperatures while others are used to holding or tying heavy materials. Following are different ways you can easily use cable ties in daily life:

1. Organizing Small Things

One of the main uses of a cable tie is to organize small objects like wires, cables, bags, utensils, pens, sticks and so on. If your things are organized it becomes much easier to work with them and you do not have to waste time in finding small objects.

2. Saving Space

It is no big news that blankets, clothes, towels and other fabrics occupy a lot of space. You can easily roll them as tightly as possible and use ties to compress them. This way you can save a lot of space in your cupboard and suitcases especially when travelling. 

3. Can Use To Attach Accessories to a Bag

You can also use cable ties to attach small accessories to your backpack like a flashlight, USB, knife, water bottles, maps or even an employee ID card. This way you do not have to dig into your bag every time you need something. This hack is especially useful when going on a backpacker or camping trip.

4. Alternative To Shoelaces

If your shoelaces are either damaged or torn and you can’t go to market. Then you can always use makeshift shoelaces with help of zip ties. 

You can even use stainless steel cable ties to hang lantern or bags of food when on a camping trip.