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Difference between Polyester and Nylon Lanyard


When it comes to customizing lanyards, it comes to personal preference to choose the right kind of style. Polyester and nylon lanyards are both awesome when it comes to quality and for imprinting logos and text. However, each of them has their own advantages which make choosing between the two hard.

When it comes to natural feel, nylon is the best option to go for. Nylon lanyards have high resistance to abrasion, fungi, chemicals, mildew and insects. However, nylon material tends to melt and catch fire due to heat. Nylon lanyards texture is shinier and thicker and they stand out well for custom printing. They also offer high value for money to their customers due to being cost-efficient. For regional or national events, nylon lanyards are mostly preferred.

Polyester fabrics have their own set of advantages such as longer durability and high resistance to wrinkles. However, when polyester fabric is exposed to heat, it shrinks. Due to their durability, polyester lanyards are suitable for silk screen, dye sublimation, and woven logo printing. These lanyards are used in businesses and organization for daily use.

Differences between them:

  1. Compared to polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards have more natural feeling.
  2. The chemical structure of Nylon is thermoplastic polymer while polyesters are thermoset or thermoplastic.
  3. Polyester fabrics have more resistance to wrinkles compared to nylon.
  4. Polyester fabric is made of natural ingredients while nylon material is made synthetically.

A lanyard can be chosen according to the customers wish. But its better to do research first.