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Career Options For Accounting Students

If you're earning your accounting degree, before you take the time to study for and pass the CPA exam, you may want to consider first taking the enrolled agent exam.  While enrolled agents aren't as widely known as CPA's they do perform a vital function in assisting individuals and corporation handle tax related matters.  Courses like the gleim ea review, provide students with all the courseware and online training needed to pass the exam on the first attempt.  And unlike the CPA exam which is a grueling several day exam, you can complete the entire enrolled agent exam in just a few hours.  

Courses like the gleim ea review or fast forward academy, cover all of the important topics on the enrolled agent exam and provide students with a basic understanding of individual and corporate tax related preparation.  The great thing about obtaining your enrolled agent certification, while going to school to get your accounting degree, is you can often get paid internships or positions, prior to graduation.  Since becoming an enrolled agent does not require a formal four-year degree, you can go to work, immediately once you obtain your certification.  Not only that, but many of the topics you will cover on the enrolled agent exam, you will also see on the CPA exam, so it's an excellent primer if you desire to become a certified public accountant.  Now you may be wondering what type of job you can obtain once you obtain your ea certification, and what you will be doing.  In general, most enrolled agents either work for themselves, an accounting office or for a corporation.  You will either be handling disputes with the IRS or advising your clients on tax related matters.  For example, a lot of individuals who have inheritances will often hire an enrolled agent, to advise them on how best to maximize their inheritance and minimize their taxes.