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Cable Reel Pusher For Your Industry

In most projects that involve cables, you may say in the telecom industry, the massive reels of wires required to be moved too far off places. In this action, the most useful tool is a Cable reel pusher. This is the best option when there is no overhead crane to perform this movement. Even lack of space and proximity, pedestrians are often prohibited from using clamp truck getting themselves hurt. These devices help in the moving of the load manually without hurting themselves.

Courtesy: nu-starmhl

Cable Reel Pusher machines by most of the manufacturers come in two separate models. The similarity between the models is that diesel engines and electric motors power both. The product package also comes with an additional cable blender for the handy purpose of the clients.

Both the models have adjustable jaws that can open up and operate on cables up to a diameter of 200 mm. The design and setup of the model are highly practical and compact which allows it to be carried directly to the project site. The machine has been designed with everything that is required for operating in any set project site.

The best part of this machinery is that it is so designed that it can be easily operated by one man at ease. Therefore, it can easily overrule the cost of more crew members for its operation.

This device works the best when mounted with a significant amount and length of cable wires which would have been impossible without Cable Reel Pusher.