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Bowflex Dumbbells Selecttech 552

The SelectTech 552 includes 2 dumbbells, adjustable from 5 to 52.5 lbs each. This set is designed for the newcomer strength coach or to get a person more interested in toning than building muscle mass. You can browse to know more about Bowflex.

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The increments are a convenient 2.5 pounds to the first 25 lbs, letting you gradually proceed to another level with no undue degree of strain on the human body.

The SelectTech 552 units 15 sets of weights into a handy package. The grips are a cushioned rubber along with the dumbbells are substantially more compact than the SelectTech 1090s.

This allows for easier maneuverability along with a natural, balanced texture, very similar to a traditional barbell. All this makes them a much better match for people doing high rep exercises, focusing on toning your system.

Together with the rapid changing weight selector dialup, the Bowflex Dumbbells SelectTech 552 is also a fantastic selection for anybody attempting to maintain a few of numerous popular workout videos on the market.

Modifying the weights onto a carpeted surface could be challenging – concrete or wood floors are preferable. Though not a requirement, Bowflex does create a stand specially designed for their dumbbells – it wheels away for simple storage.

The rack makes a wonderful addition, especially for the security of the lower spine because you will not be bending down to pick up your weights.