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All About Teenage Eating Disorders

Unfortunately, despite there being more resources and information about eating disorders available to teens, teachers, and parents, this is still an issue which impacts many American teens.

Eating disorders are characterized by extremes in eating behaviors or when someone is on a diet that just goes on and on. If you want to know more about teenage eating disorders then you can check this site out

There's no apparent cause for Someone creating an eating disorder, but there are some Risk Factors that increase the chances of developing an eating disorder:

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1. Adolescence itself is a risk factor due to the substantial changes which happen in your body in this time period.

2. Teens face a great deal of psychological stress associated with college stress, peer pressure and an overall sense of feeling quite shy and outside of control along with all the changes they're experiencing.

3. Another risk factor is the individual going through puberty at a younger than average age. For these individuals, the changes in their own bodies may be scarier because they're not seeing others alter in precisely the exact same manner.

4. Teens that are involved in sports, dance, etc., are at greater risk as they're often worried that the changes in their own bodies will affect their overall functionality.

5. Teens living in houses in which there's abuse, chemical abuse or inadequate communication are at greater risk for developing an eating disorder.